[SOLVED] Asthma and Allergies

For your final project you will be researching a case study from the list provided and you will write a paper based off of your research. The paper will be written using the questions that are listed in the prompt for the case study that you have selected.Your paper should be 4-6 pages long. Write your paper in Microsoft Word and format it according to APA standards. Please review the Guidelines for APA Style found in the APA Requirements link in the left sidebar found in Blackboard. Include APA citations from a minimum of three academic sources, and have a title page and reference page.Case Study 1: Asthma and AllergiesAsthma is an inflammatory disease of the lungs in which the patient’s airways become temporarily constricted, making breathing difficult.Although the condition was virtually unknown in the early 1900s, today it affects 20.3 million people in the United States and kills 5,000 of them per year. From 1980 to 1994, the prevalence of asthma increased 75%. Asthma rates in children under the age of 5 have increased more than 160% in the same time period. The exact reason for the increased prevalence of asthma is not known, but the following observations offer clues:? Asthma “attacks” can be triggered by the common cold, exercise, cold air, emotional stress, viral infections, aspirin, industrial air pollutants, smoking, obesity, ozone, and nitrogen dioxide.? Having two parents with asthma increases a child’s chances of having the disease. Approximately 40% of children who have asthmatic parents also develop asthma.? The disease tends to cluster in England and English-speaking countries.? Exposure of children to dust mites, cats, cockroaches, molds, and mildews increases theirchances of getting the disease.? Children who are exposed to common parasites seem to have a better-developed immunesystem than children not exposed to parasites. These exposed childrendo not suffer asthma asfrequently.? Exposure to occupational agents such as dyes may trigger the onset of adult asthma.? Poverty seems to be a substantial risk factor for the development of asthma.AssignmentCase Study 1: Asthma and AllergiesWrite a 4-6 page paper incorporating answers to the following questions 1. Research the relationship between asthma and allergies. Describe how various agents trigger asthma or an asthma attack. How have the factors that trigger an asthma attack changed since the 1900s? As a researcher, how would you put together the clues given here to explain the emerging epidemic?2. Find out where in the world asthma is least prevalent, and hypothesize why this is so.3. Define the word “epidemiology.” How do researchers use epidemiology to study a disease sucas asthma?4. Visit the CDC website on asthma at http://www.cdc.gov/asthma/default.htm and research theNational Asthma Control Program. Find the name and address of agencies in your state that the CDC has funded to fight asthma

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[SOLVED] Asthma and Allergies
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