[SOLVED] Colonists on the Margins

Assignment: Complete 3 the following 5 activities. Remember your response must be a minimum of 150 words in length to receive credit unless otherwise noted. For full credit your answers must demonstrate an understanding of historical information, people and concepts by incorporating information from our class text, images, videos and materials. Your answers must also include your own thoughts, opinions, ideas, or reactions to the information. Use of outside information from websites, books, or any other sources when answering these questions is an example of academic dishonesty and is not allowed. See the Reflection Activity Rubric for full grading details. Reflection Activities Rubric #1 In what ways did American Indians influence the development of European colonies in the Americas. #2 In what ways did religion influence events in North America between 1565 and 1640? #3 Why do you think so many myths developed around the stories of Thanksgiving and Pocahontas? How are these myths different than the reality? What purpose do you think these myths were supposed to serve? #4 What do you see as the main source of conflict between the American Indians and the English Colonists? How do you think this would come to shape relations between the two cultures moving forward? #5 Compare and contrast the colonial strategies of the Spanish, French and British in North America. What do you think are the most important elements in how each colony developed? Discussion Topic: Step 1: Read the following Primary Sources. A Model of Christian Charity, John Winthrop.pdf Ann Hutchinson Trial Transcript.pdf The Proceedings of the English Colonie in Virgina.pdf Step 2: Answer the following questions. Your response to each question must be at least 100 words in length. Use the following Primary Source Rubric as your guide. Question1: According to Winthrop, what social and religious principles should be used to govern the new settlements at Massachusetts Bay? Question 2: What kind of relationship does Winthrop posit between his audience and God? In what ways does that relationship help to explain Massachusetts Bay colonists’ belief that they should police each others behavior? How does the Ann Hutchinson trial provide an example of this? Question 3: To what do colonists in Virginia owe their lack of success? How do they compare themselves to the Spanish and the Portuguese? Question 4: In what ways does this document provide examples of the “black legend”? In what ways does this document seem to undermine the “black legend”. These are my homework. I just need you to answer those questions with minimum 150 words by answer on the questions. Need more info, please feel free to ask.

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[SOLVED] Colonists on the Margins
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