[SOLVED] Institutions vs. Geography

We saw some reasons why geography may matter for development, and we also heard about why institutions should matter. Which is more important? This is an active debate in the field of economic development. Consider ?https://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/fandd/2003/06/pdf/sachs.pdf? by Jeffrey Sachs and compare and contrast it to Acemoglu’s views. In this discussion we want to explore the idea of institutions – why are they and why do they matter for development. We will use the contrast with the ideas of geography being determinant to better understand this debate. Make an original posting (original to this discussion) describing why institutions matter and giving an example. You may also choose to post about why geography matters, giving an example. In the replies (at least two) critique the posts of your classmates . Grading Information Your work will be graded based on how well the following criteria are addressed: Development of Ideas Evidence of Critical Thinking Responses to Other Students and Instructor High Quality postings include evidence of full engagement with the readings and with our classmates’ comments. All discussion forum posts must be on the Canvas site by the due date specified By that time, each student needs to have posted a minimum of 3 discussion forum posts, evenly spaced across the assigned time period. In other words, try to post no more than 2 posts within a 12-hour period. (You can post more than 2 in a 12-hour period, but I will look for posts made across the entire time period of the module).

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[SOLVED] Institutions vs. Geography
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