[SOLVED] Jewish Tradition’s Graded Class

This is for an online class discussion. (Write everything as informal and on the level a high school senior) There are 2 things: 1. The Response The response should be around 175-225 words. It is based on the reading I put in here as a PDF. (No outside sources, just the attached PDFs and documents) The response question is: What is the ancient Israelite heritage of Judaism, and how has it shaped what we think of as “Jewish” today? 2. The Reply The reply should be around 75-100 words. The reply is a reply to another person’s response in the class. I will put the other person’s response at the very bottom of this page. **Also, use the other person’s response as an example but ONLY use as an example because this is another student’s work.** The ancient Israelite heritage of Judaism helps develop what being “Jewish” is today. Judaism would not be what it would be without the ancient Israelite heritage. The ancient Israelite heritage of Judaism helps develop Judaism, but there are still some differences. Although the full idea and concept of Monotheism was developed later, in the ancient Israelite heritage, we start to see lenses of Monotheism intertwined within the heritage and narrative. We also may see the Monotheism lense more now than what it was in its original context, like with Deuteronomy 6:4-9. The idea of Monotheism that shapes being “Jewish” today took time to develop. The ancient Israelites heritage did have the belief in one god though, which caught on. The idea of a covenant and two way relationships also developed in this time. The ancient Israelite heritage of Judaism shapes what we think of “Jewish” today.

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[SOLVED] Jewish Tradition’s Graded Class
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