[SOLVED] Latin America

Structure your answer coherently. First, write a short paragraph of 2 or 3 sentences indicating the points you want to stress. Then, write 2 or 3 short paragraphs to develop the points of your answer with ideas, examples, and references to the readings and the topics discussed in class. Finally, in a short paragraph of 2 or 3 sentences summarize your conclusions. Write around 300 words. QUESTION: Explain the development of the US. expansionism in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and how it affected Hispanic communities in Texas, New Mexico, and Puerto Rico. First, explain the national ideologies of that expansionism (Manifest Destiny and the Monroe Doctrine), the role of filibusters, how Hispanic communities living in Texas and New Mexico perceived their incorporation to the US, and the results of the Mexican-American War. Then, focus on the Americanization of Puerto Rico in the aftermath of the Spanish-American War. In your answer, you need to use the following terms: U.S. Imperialism, Monroe Doctrine, Manifest Destiny, Borderlands, filibustering, Mexican-American War (1848), Spanish-American War (1898), local elites. You can refer to class discussions and readings such as Chap. 2 of Juan González’s Harvest of Empire, Reséndez’s “National Identity on a Shifting Border”, and Cabán’s chapter on the Americanization of Puerto Rico. — one short paragraph for your introduction (2 or 3 sentences): here you mention that expansionism and imperialism were at the center of the 19th-century process of nation-building in the US, and that it affected Hispanic communities of Mexico and the Caribbean whose lands were annexed. Yet you can also suggest that some Hispanic communities living in the borderlands favored annexation as it advanced their economic interests. — one or two paragraphs where you explain the national ideology of US expansionism (Monroe Doctrine and Manifest Destiny), the role of filibusters, and the results of the Mexican-American War of 1848. However, you should also discuss how local communities of Texas and New Mexico experienced their annexation to the US and favor that process to advance their economic interests. — one paragraph where you discuss the process of Americanization of Puerto Rico. Here you can discuss the Foraker Act of 1900 (the Executive Council), the education under the Foraker Act, and the political reforms under the Jones Act of 1917. — one short paragraph where you stress your main points and conclusions. Harvest of Empire – Chapter 2.pdf Resendez, Andres. National Identity and the Shifting.pdf

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[SOLVED] Latin America
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