[SOLVED] Newman’s Theory Application

· You will demonstrate how you as a student nurse might use the selected theoretical work in practice as part of meeting professional standards and requirements.You will identify two competencies from the CNO (2019b) entry-to-practice document and two behavioural directives from the CNO (2019g) ethics document and describe how you could use the theoretical work to meet those competencies and behavioural directives.For example, I might discuss an aspect of the theory of health as expanding consciousness that is about the nurse-patient relationship and show how using the approach in this theoretical work would help me meet the fifth ethical behavioural directive of “maintaining the therapeutic nurse-client relationship” (CNO, 2019g, p. 6) within the CNO ethical value of client well-being.You need to use one subheading for the competencies’ discussion and a second subheading for the behavioural directives’ discussion.You must use one new (not yet used in your paper) scholarly nursing article that is about the theoretical work in practice, so the content is related to practice and not just theory. You are not to describe or analyze the article within your paper. Rather, you are to use the reference to support your statements about how you could use the theoretical work in practice – so for each of the competencies and for each of the behavioural directives. Remember, the article for this section must be a different article from the one used in the section about the fit between your values/beliefs and the chosen theoretical work.Reference to the book chapter about the theoretical work and to the first article you used about this work may also be applicable, but they can only be in addition to the practice-related article you find for this section.

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[SOLVED] Newman’s Theory Application
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