[SOLVED] Persuasive Design

Watch The Magic of Persuasive Design, a talk given at the Standford Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series in 2017 https://ecorner.stanford.edu/in-brief/the-magic-of-persuasive-design/ (Links to an external site.) Tristan Harris, co-founder and co-director of Time Well Spent, demystifies the art of user engagement. Having been an amateur magician, a tech entrepreneur and now ethicist, Harris describes how the effectiveness of features that aim to hold our gaze or prompt certain beliefs lies in the asymmetry between the individual and the many engineers, designers and resources devoted to creating that feature. Some highlights from the talk: Escaping the Echo Chamber The Persuadable Brain Questioning What You Do What Is Ethical Persuasion? An Arms Race for Your Attention The End Game of AI A More Ergonomic Relationship with Tech Ways to Retake Control The Magic of Persuasive Design Assignment Requirements: Watch the video. Provide an example from your work or life where persuasive design has a positive impact; and a second example where it has a negative impact. Write one to two paragraphs for each example, and your analysis on the positive/negative impact to you and/or society. Note: This talk is related to the emotional interaction and design topic in Chapter 6, and Persuasive Technology Design concept by Fogg. Preview the relevant section of the chapter before you watch the video will help enhance your understanding of the topic.

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[SOLVED] Persuasive Design
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