[SOLVED] Use of Marijuana

Summarize an empirical article in your own words. Can be any article on the use of marijuana but it should be an empirical article written in the format attached. You must include the citation for the article in either APA citation style at the top of each page, followed by a summary of the article. Learning proper reference style is part of this project. Summarize the empirical article (which must be from a sociological or criminological journal and have been published in the past 10 years) in your own words. Paraphrasing is more than just switching a few words around. Please see me, Brandy, or a librarian if you have questions about this. Do not use quotes from the article or the abstract in this assignment. I should be able to read your summary and gain a basic understanding of the article. Your approximately 1 page summary should be much more detailed than the article’s abstract and should not include information pulled directly from the article’s abstract. You will need to locate an empirical article, which reports results from a quantitative data analysis or qualitative research project. A summary of an empirical article should include the following: 1. Research question or purpose statement: the main research question being addressed (e.g., are deviant peer group associations related to teen dating violence?) or identifying the purpose or goal of the article (e.g., the purpose of this article is to determine whether deviant peer group associations are related to teen dating violence). Only 1-2 sentences is needed here. 2. Method/Sample: description of the sample (number of people, gender distribution, race and ethnicity, geographic location, specific data set used (e.g., Add Health data)) and method (survey/interview, cross-sectional versus longitudinal, qualitative or quantitative, etc.); 3. Results: the main findings or results (must include findings that relate to the research question or purpose statement); and 4. Conclusion: the authors’ main conclusion (usually found in the “discussion” section of an article) – including an explanation of the findings. They may also discuss policy implications, limitations of the research, or areas of future research that are worth mentioning.

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[SOLVED] Use of Marijuana
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