[SOLVED] Adelerian Theory

Adlerian Theory Theory Review & Explication (25 points—2-page minimum) 1. This is a critical element of the course . It is required that each student have a thorough understanding of the theories that are covered. Students are to answer the following questions completely in an essay format with quotes used most sparingly. I would like to hear your voice and interpretation of the various the theories. It is important that an example is provided for each of the elements. Please organize the paper by identifying the question number and letter that you are discussing. There is a two-page minimum; however, it is essential that each element is meaningfully explored in this paper. 1. How would the problem be conceptualized from the perspective of each theory? (9 points) a. How does this theory conceive of human nature? b. Based upon this theory, if the client is deemed as unhealthy, why is this so? c. How does diagnosis fit into this analysis and what is the potential length of treatment? 2. Explain the therapeutic process–use relevant concepts specific to each theory. (9 points) a. Discuss the relationship between therapist and client. b. What are the therapeutic goals consistent with this treatment? c. Discuss the relevant therapeutic activities and interventions. 3. ADDITIONAL SCHOLARLY SOURCES & INFORMATION. (7 points) a. Consult and describe at least one relevant article that addresses this theoretical orientation and provides new information or more comprehensively describes an element that has been discussed.

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[SOLVED] Adelerian Theory
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