[SOLVED] Analytical Paper

Analytical Paper: Students will have one 10-12 page paper that consists of smaller units of approximately five-seven pages in length. The paper will be double spaced, in 12-point times new roman font with one-inch margins. The paper must contain a cover page with the course title and the student’s name. The paper must also contain a reference page showing all works and material used in the paper (these do not count toward your page requirement). Students must use research and may draw from experience in writing their papers. This is first and foremost an academic research and application exercise. An acceptable paper would reference a number (15 minimum) of peer reviewed journals from a police or business areas. See http://www.uwec.edu/patchinj/crmj301/journals.htm for a partial list of peer reviewed criminal justice journals. Find research that is not contained in your course material. Other non peer reviewed material should be used as support in addition to the above peer reviewed articles (e.g. Police Chief, magazine articles, newspapers…). That is, after you have the peer reviewed articles you may support with other sources (these are “frosting on the cake-not the cake”). Part One: 1. What is the legal and political basis of police authority? Summarize the research on citizen satisfaction with the police in the United States? How has citizen satisfaction with the police been measured? Why does citizen satisfaction with the police matter? Part Two: In the context of policing and using academic research, define effectiveness, efficiency, legitimacy, and procedural justice. How do these concepts relate to or impact upon citizen satisfaction with the police? Do these concepts interact with each other? Explain Suggested Resources Academic Journals from Library (physical and on-line). Sample list of peer reviewed police journals (http://www2.smumn.edu/deptpages/tclibrary/search/subjects/psa-journals.pdf). Research Organizations http://www.policefoundation.org/ http://www.vera.org/resources http://www.crimesolutions.gov/ https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/crime-research-and-analysis https://aic.gov.au/publications/latest-publications

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[SOLVED] Analytical Paper
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