[SOLVED] Annotating Skills

As you read Chs. 1-5 of Loukis Laras, you should practice your annotating skills by highlighting or underlining key words, phrases, and passages and adding your comments, questions, and notes. When you annotate a work of fiction, consider the six key elements: Characters, Setting, Plot, Point of View, Tone, and Themes. See the attached handout for more details here: AnnotatingWorkFictionBW2019.pdf By annotating a text, you are actively engaged with it by adding your comments, reflecting on your ideas, and questioning what you are reading. This process helps you to avoid having to go back and reread the text. Assignment Directions: For DP #2, do a close reading of pages 45-49 of Loukis Laras. Begin at the bottom of page 45 “And yet I was then a young man of…” to the end of page 49. Read the text multiple times and annotate it. Think about diction, figurative language, structure, and tone. If you need to review these elements, refer to the handout Notes on Close Reading here: Notes on Close Reading .pdf Answer the following question: What do you think the author accomplishes in these pages? Use details and quotations from the text to support your ideas. Write a well-polished 250-word response and post it onto the Discussion Board by end of the day, Wed, Sept 9. You are required to respond to one other student’s post. watch video: https://www.benaki.org/index.php?option=com_multimedia&view=multimediaitem&id=102&Itemid=612&lang=en

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[SOLVED] Annotating Skills
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