[SOLVED] B Jordan Impeachment Speech

For this post, I would like you to practice your rhetorical analysis skills on Barbara Jordan’s famous speech, “Statement on the Articles of Impeachment.” First, I would suggest that you read about the historical context behind the speech. Google it! It would be helpful for you to know why she is delivering this speech and what its political circumstances were. Then, then watch her actual delivery of the speech, belowin your rhetorical analysis in your post below, identify at least one (hopefully more!) example for each of our rhetorical appeals: ethos, pathos, and logos. I would also like you to discuss Jordan’s rhetorical situation: what is her exigence, who is her audience she’s trying to target (hint: there are two audiences!), and what are any constraints she might be facing as she makes her argument?  You should be able to provide actual concrete evidence–actual quotes or paragraphs from Jordan’s speech–to back up your findings.Write at least two paragraphs in complete sentences explaining your examples. How you structure your thoughts is up to you–this is very informal writing, but good practice nonetheless.

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[SOLVED] B Jordan Impeachment Speech
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