[SOLVED] Contrast and Comparison

Read the prompts below, and create two original threads, each responding to one of the prompts. Write one comparison/contrast and a paragraph on analysis. You do not write two comparison/contrast paragraphs. Clearly title each thread with the prompt you are responding to. Your post should be 250 words in total. You should proofread and spell check your posts and write in standard, American English (no txtspk plz). In addition to creating two threads, you need to respond to two of your peers’ original posts. Each of your responses should be a minimum of one paragraph long and a total of 150 words. You should focus on the importance of writing, communication, and knowledge in your responses. Prompt for the compare/contrast paragraph is Romantic comedies Instructions for Comparison /Contrast paragraph You will need the following: 1. A topic sentence that states explicitly your claim for the paragraph and addresses your rhetorical strategy 2. Evidence in the form of experience, observation 3. After you give your evidence, you will need to explain and analyze the possible significance of that evidence. Follow this pattern Your claim Evidence ? Analysis ? ?Your commentary 4. Your final sentence is your concluding sentence ( clincher) or transition. Since this is a single paragraph assignment, you should wrap everything up in your concluding sentence( clincher) and refer back to your topic sentence ideas 5. Write using formal English and using only 3rd person Avoid THERE ARE, IT IS, and Passive Voice. No contractions. Analysis Topic for Comparison / Contrast Choose one of the essays in the Comparison/ Contrast folder. THE ESSAY LINK IS https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/45087/sonnet-18-shall-i-compare-thee-to-a-summers-day Answer these questions after reading one of those essays in paragraph format using the same guidelines listed above. 1. What topic is the writer illustrating? 2. What are some of the examples that he or she uses to exemplify the point? 3. Are these examples supportive of the thesis or weak examples? 4. Do you see any examples of rhetorical/ logical fallacies? 5 Identify transitional devices that the writer used 6. Suggest ways that the essay is strong or ways in which it could be more effective. Your topic sentence should name the essay you read and its author and address the main claim of the essay. use quotes around the title of the essay.

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[SOLVED] Contrast and Comparison
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