[SOLVED] Employee Recruitment and Retention

In employee recruitment and retention, one of the key goals is to maintain a diverse workforce. Please respond to the following questions about diversity of employees for an organization. What does diversity mean in this context? What does a diverse workforce look like? Why are organizations striving to attract a diverse group of employees? What do you see as the benefits? What do you think are the best strategies for attracting and retaining a diverse workforce? For instance, technology companies tend to employ predominantly white male employees. How might such a company attract and retain more members of underrepresented groups (e.g., women, minorities)? What issues could you see arising from a focus on diversity in hiring? How might you deal with them? Part 2 Give examples of the following types of leaders. Explain what traits that they exhibit that supports your choice of leadership style. Transformational Transactional Narcissistic Go back to the business that you described in Week 4. What style of leadership would you use to run the business? Why is that style suited to your business and the type of leader you would be? Autocratic/Authoritarian Laissez-Faire Participative/Democratic

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[SOLVED] Employee Recruitment and Retention
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