[SOLVED] Folding Beijing

Please read my introductory notes under the folder named “Methods of Reading”. You might also be interested in reading the supplementary reading in the folder by Li Anan. https://hkrbooks.com/2018/03/29/folding-beijing/ Answer the following questions. You may choose to answer the questions one by one or write one long response touching on the issues raised in the questions. You may quote from Li Anan essay to support your argument. Please write at least 500 words for this assignment. Please also, read and respond to four of your classmates’ work. A note on East Asian names. The names often begin with the last name, followed by the first name. The author surname is Hao. Her first name is Jingfang. Please refer to her properly in your discussions. 1. Some of you might have read Science Fiction before or have seen a few Science Fiction films. This kind of writing imagines the future of a particular a society. In this case, the author HaoJingfang imagines how Beijing, China, would become in the near future. Why do you think the author, Hao, focuses on the future? 2. What are some of the social issues revealed in this story and how are they revealed? 3. There are a number of metaphors in the short story. Please identify two and explain what they mean in the story. 4. The author, Hao, spends some describing the appearance of young women in the story, and ended with the protagonist wondering about his daughter Tangtang. What do you think is the significance of the image of young women?

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[SOLVED] Folding Beijing
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