[SOLVED] Healthcare Financial Management Association

https://www.hfma.org/topics/hfm/2019/july/solid-written-policy-and-agility-are-key-to-preparing-for-disast.html Read the article above and answer the questions in complete sentences: 1. What is the purpose of being a member of an organization called Healthcare Financial Management Association as a pre-health professional? 2. How would a ‘dashboard’ be used in a healthcare facility to track data, usage, and patterns to improve processes? 3. What were the three (3) elements required to be in place prior to a disaster? 4. The article author indicated that the first five phone calls to make when a disaster strike includes: 1) community partners, 2) attorneys and accountants, 3) vendors, 4) the bank, and 5) staff; therefore why is it important to contact these five units each in a disaster specifically? 5. What was mentioned in the article as ‘making disaster your business’ in a paragraph? 6. From the ‘Rolling with the Changes-HFMA’ article (Summer 2020): o How did COVID-19 pandemic…’accelerate telehealth?’ 7. What two things appeared to be true for all U.S. healthcare organizations? 8. Provide four examples of how staff and medical practitioners were redeployed: 9. Why did Virginia Commonwealth University Health System ‘project a positive financial outlook?’ 10. Why would patient volume declining affect revenue?

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[SOLVED] Healthcare Financial Management Association
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