[SOLVED] Human Subjects

As Keyton points out in her book, research in the field of communication studies often uses “human subjects” as research participants. Considering research that is done under the auspices of the University of Arkansas (Fayetteville), answer the following three questions. You should consult and cite scholarly sources in developing your answers to the questions. Further, you should consult the web-site noted below as part of your research. You are expected to provide complete bibliographic citations for each source you consult. (1) In general, what are the general standards regarding having human subjects used in research studies located in academic communities (e.g., colleges and universities)? (2) Are there any specific limits imposed by the University of Arkansas when it comes to the use of research methods that employ human subjects? If so, what are these limitations? (3) In general, what is informed consent? Does the University of Arkansas have any requirements regarding the informed consent of research participants? Bonus: (A) Suppose Martha Jean designs an experimental study as part of her paper for an advanced class in nonverbal communication resaerch. The focus of her study is to examine the effects of personal space violations and whether the person will self-disclose that s/he is uncomfortable in those situations. Part of the study will take place in men’s and women’s restrooms. Does Martha Jean have to request approval from the University of Arkansas’ Institutional Review Board before she can begin to collect her data? Why or why not?

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[SOLVED] Human Subjects
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