[SOLVED] Intro to Police Studies

Using the Chapter 1 power point and the book “An Introduction to Policing” the ninth edition by John S. Dempsey, Linda S. Forst, and Steven B. Carter, answer the following questions, “1)Who was Sir Robert Peel? 2)What organization did he establish? 3)Briefly explain the importance of the relationship between the police and citizens. 4)Briefly explain how black lives matter was founded. Also explain how the organization escalated.” Then, use the Chapter 2 power point and chapter 2 of the same book to answer the following questions, “1) The NYPD has approximately 36,000 members. Yet 53% of the police departments in the country have _____? full time employees. 2)What ___% of police departments have a written policy on the use of Deadly Physical Force? 3) Briefly explain how it may be difficult to be a police officer in a small town compared to working in a larger police department. 4)What seems to becoming a problem in rural areas and small towns? 5)Briefly explain “Sanctuary Cities”. 6)Explain the difference between Centralized and Decentralized models of state law enforcement.”

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[SOLVED] Intro to Police Studies
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