[SOLVED] Nature vs Nurture

Answer all parts of the question for full credit. After watching the short youtube video “Twins: Is it all in the Genes?” You have now met Linda and Doreen, identical twins separated at birth, forced to live apart in two completely separate environments. 1. I want you to first explain the concept of Nature Vs. Nurture. What is nature and what is nurture? 2. What physical similarities did you notice that Linda and Dorean share? What difference did you notice, outside their physical similarities? I want you to think about how their different environments may have shaped their personalities individually, despite them being twins. 3. Does our genetic code, our inherited DNA pre-determine who we will develop to be? Explain, and give at least TWO examples. You may derive one of your examples from Linda and Doreen’s case. The other must be an example of your own.

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[SOLVED] Nature vs Nurture
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