[SOLVED] Political Ad

Please read the link below:Reading: Political Ads have little persuasive power(Links to an external site.)”Campaigns should carefully consider efforts to tailor advertisements to specific audiences given that the evidence shows that ads’ persuasive effects vary little from person to person or from commercial to commercial, the researchers concluded.”How to Submit your Essay ResponseYour assignment should be in essay MLA format roughly 1-2 pages long total, and will contain your answers to each of the questions belowYour assignment submission must be a .pdf, .doc, or .docx fileTo submit this assignment, please upload your file via Canvas.Instructions: For this assignment, you’ll choose ONE political ad from a print source, media source, online source, or TV ad, and discuss its persuasive effectiveness in a 1- page analysis paper, MLA format, double-spaced, uploaded in Canvas.(1) Who is the “speaker” or candidate in this ad?(2) What do you think is the persuasive goal of this ad? Explain. (For example, is the goal to change existing attitudes, behaviors, or emotions, keep them the same, or something else?)(3) Who do you think is the intended target audience for this ad – in other words, who is this message for? What makes you think this? (Examples: stay-at-home dads, females over the age of 50, soccer players, etc. The more specific you are, the better! Carefully analyzing the ad’s content — including images, text, and spoken words — will help you answer this question.)(4) In your opinion, was the ad effective in persuading the target audience you specified or not? Why? Use at LEAST 2 concepts from your persuasion reading and lecture to support your answer. (For example, maybe the ad was effective at X but ineffective at Y, ultimately leading to an ineffective advertisement)

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[SOLVED] Political Ad
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