[SOLVED] Project Proposal

Project Proposal A company approaches you to develop an e-business presence which will include B2C (sales to customers directly) as well as B2B (sales to other companies). Your purpose in this document is to persuade the Stakeholder(s) that you have thought through the project carefully, researched existing solutions that you have documented, investigated the problem, which culminates in a solution that you present. In this proposal, you will describe the results of your investigation and suggest solutions (or a single solution) for the problem. Your real-world client is the audience for this document. Here is a summary of the project requirements and the associated points. Address each of the points in the outline specifically to the eCommerce solution that you are proposing, not the specifics of the actual company. Title Page (required): (title of paper, your name, name of the company that you are proposing the solution to, date, course name, professor name) Table of Contents (required): should accurately list all the required sections and their corresponding page numbers. Make sure you number the pages of your proposal. Executive Summary (required): The basics of your business plan to the company of your choice. This is your idea with the specifics on what you will do for the company. This is a concise and complete overall summary of your project. This condenses the report, emphasizing the findings and recommendation(s). (two-page maximum) 80 points Business Description (required): Specifically, what will your solution do, and how will this enhance the company? You are recommending an eCommerce solution to this business to fix a problem or enhance a current eCommerce process (one-page maximum) 50 points Marketing Plan (required): Include the following sections regarding your eCommerce plan. (five-page maximum) 100 points Customers – demographics for current and future (how will they be reached via eCommerce) Competitors – what current options exist for customers? (how are they using eCommerce) Advertising – what are options and what is the ROI? (how will you advertise to customers related to eCommerce options) Pricing – what is the price for you to implement this solution and what is the cost for maintenance? Who will provide tech support, what will it cost? How will payment (company to you) take place, what are the fees, what is the length of time for payment, what is your fee – what proven experience do you have to justify the fee you are charging? (how much will your solution cost) Delivery – what technology solution will be delivered; how will this be delivered. Cloud based, AWS, hosted on site, hosted in a 3rd party? Research & Development (required): This is where to get into the technical aspects of your eCommerce plan. Include what current competitors are doing, how your plan is competitive, and continuing plans for R&D. Make sure you have enough support from scholarly sources here (two-page maximum) 50 points Risks (required): In addition to regular business risks, such as downward industry trends, cost overruns, and unexpected entry of competitors, also include risks specific to the Internet, such as security risks. Address security, breach, and other impacts here (two-page maximum) 70 points Financial (required): A forecast of profitability of the solution. (one-page maximum) 20 points Timeline (required): Viable schedule for the time needed to gather requirements and implement the solution. How long will this solution take to fully implement? The solution should not conclude with initial rollout (one-page maximum) 20 points References and Appendices (required): Provide five valid sources to support the direction and implementation of your eCommerce solution. Base your forecasting, plan, and predictions from valid scholarly sources. 10 points This is not an opinion paper, so you must support your direction and proposal with valid sources for ROI. Include at least (5) informative visuals in the body. These items may be photos, tables, charts, diagrams, or other relevant graphics. Place visuals where they will be most useful to the client.

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[SOLVED] Project Proposal
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