[SOLVED] Types of Theory

Types of Theory Discussion 3131 unread replies.3737 replies. Our first paper involves making theoretical choices. To prepare, we will use this bCourses discussion to compose a two paragraph short answer to the following prompt. Prompt: What kind of media research question (RQ) matters to you? Among the “four types of theory” discussed in class, which would best help answer the RQ? Instructions: Propose a rough draft of an RQ that interests you. In your answer, focus on demonstrating your understanding of the type of theory you choose by explaining which type you would use to answer the RQ. Example: “Political polarization has become a major issue in the United States. Many argue it has eroded civility and undermines chances for compromise that allow democracy to function. Given this political climate, I’m interested in how hostility to opposing political camps is expressed in comment sections of conservative news sites. Research Question: In what ways do users of the Breitbart News Network respond to non-conservative ideas and opinions expressed in article comments sections? To answer this RQ, I would collect data from Breitbart comment threads with a focus on moments when conservatives respond to non-conservative ideas. This project would require Hermeneutic theory because . . .” Focus on developing the connection between your RQ and one of the theory types outlined in class.

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[SOLVED] Types of Theory
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