[SOLVED] Community Corrections

WRITING ASSIGNMENTS MUST MEET THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA: · 2-4 pages in length; double-spaced; 12-pt. font · Grammatically correct and free from proofreading errors · Paragraph, narrative format; 3rd person speech, unless otherwise specified · Must be completed in Microsoft Word and uploaded in the Assignments section of Canvas. No other method of submission will be accepted. · At least two (2) outside sources (beyond the course textbooks or notes) must be used for each assignment; sources must be appropriately cited in text and in a reference section as per APA standards. Information on APA formatting for citations and reference lists can be found on the Canvas homepage for this course. WRITING ASSIGNMENT TOPICS: The order of submission does not matter. Pick one of the below topics. Do not repeat topics. Each topic should be submitted for a writing assignment but you can choose in what order you write about each topic. Topic 1: Community corrections can differ between states and even between jurisdictions within the same state. Survey the following websites: o North Carolina Community Corrections (Links to an external site.)  o Oregon Community Corrections (Links to an external site.) Identify the key similarities and differences between the community corrections programs/philosophies of these two states. Are there significant differences? Which state’s program seems most useful for reducing recidivism or keeping people out of prison? Why? For this assignment, I have provided you two sources; make sure to cite them properly, as well as any other sources used. Topic 2: Develop an argument either for or against increased use of community corrections. Topic 3: Imagine that you have just been released from prison after a five-year term for a non-violent offense. What are the first things you would do? What problems do you expect to face? Note: this essay may be written in first person. Topic 4: It is said that probation officers tend to take a social work approach in dealing with offenders and parole officers tend to take a law enforcement approach. How might these differences in approach be explained? Support your answer. Topic 5: Develop an argument arguing either for or against the abolition of parole. You must answer each topic…

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[SOLVED] Community Corrections
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