[SOLVED] Dangerous Beauty

For this subjective response, you may choose to respond to either the film Dangerous Beauty or in Plato’s Symposium. I want to give you the chance to discuss Plato’s ideas on a personal level if you prefer. Convey both your emotional and intellectual understanding of the concepts to provide a more comprehensive analysis. Devote half of your assignment to contextualize and analyze the issue and the other half to think of it subjectively. Be as creative as you can. You are in charge! It’s important, however, not to repeat or contradict yourself. Be as clear and concise as possible. Do not lose yourself in generalizations. Yes, you may speak in 1st person (“I”) but avoid repeating “I feel,” “I think,” “in my opinion” etc. Throughout the essay use the present tense except when you discuss a past time period. Avoid using book reviews or others’ responses to the book. About the film, Dangerous Beauty, address issues that may be relevant to us today. Make sure you stay close to the text, by contextualizing the topic with references to the scene or the dialogue, and, above all, by responding with honesty and authenticity. Here are a couple of questions that may be developed also on a personal level: When is beauty a liability rather than an asset? Do we have such a perception today in our society and life? Was Veronica Franco a privileged woman? She had beauty, wealth, fame, and the interest of many men. Was it a privilege? good style and content: perfect grammar and good depth of perception an introduction with the name of the author and title of the book a clear and manageable focus on one or two issues evidence in the form of direct quotations from the text no summary or book review a good balance between text analysis and personal reflection one single-spaced page

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[SOLVED] Dangerous Beauty
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