[SOLVED] Forecasting Flu Vaccine

So you think we have to be concerned about the pandemic. Well, flu season is around the corner. Flu season runs from October to May, with most cases happening from late December to early March. Most people take the flu vaccine is usually offered from September until mid-November. With that said, vaccine is still being offered in case you haven’t taken it yet The question that you need to answer is ” How does Center for Disease Control (CDC) decide about which virus strains will go into the vaccines”. – what is the forecasting process employed? – what data is required and how is it collected?  – Is the forecast accurate? If not, what is the error? Your task – conduct an independent research to learn about the process and document the findings in a report. At a minimum include the process used, data required for decision making, and the techniques used. Also, comment on the effectiveness of the vaccines over the last 5 years. Cite all references. Avoid plagiarism The report is limited to 1 page maximum (1 inch margin, 12 font Times New Roman, single spaced). Do not include a cover page. Include your name (last, first) on the top right side of the page. If you have tables/figures then include them in an appendix ..be sure to refer to the table/figure in the main text. I recommend a four paragraph set up – 3 to answer the question asked and the fourth to provide your conclusion. References do not count towards the 1 page limit Objectives of this assignment 1. conducting independent research 2. data/information synthesis 3. Report writing- technical writing and references  4. Adhering to customer specifications. In this case – me

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[SOLVED] Forecasting Flu Vaccine
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