[SOLVED] Historic Source

Important hit: in this assignment, all u need to do is listen to the podcast, then choose 4 question to response. use your critical thinking skill, DO NOT simply write down what you hear from podcast, if you do that, it’s not considered a response, you just copy answer from the podcast, and u will get 0 credit for this assignment. you should analyze and explain with your own thought. Dr. James Horn helps us understand historic sources and how historians work with historic sources within the context of colonial Jamestown. Listen to the Podcast: (https://doinghistorypodcast.com/what-is-a-historic-source/ (Links to an external site.)) Here is a captioned version (https://smartplayer.captionsync.com/play.php?vid=1592238947dect_rdesmond_6176881089ea (Links to an external site.) ) in this assignment, address four of the following questions. While you can certainly quote the podcast, elaborate in your own words. number your response so i will know which four question you answer. 1) Notice that the first thing the interviewer, Dr. Liz Covart, does is ask Dr. Horn to provide context (the circumstances that form the setting for an event, statement, or idea, and in terms of which it can be fully understood and assessed Google) for Jamestown. How would you summarize what Dr. Horn says is the context for Jamestown? 2) Who were the Native Peoples known as the Powhatan? 3) Why were the English attracted to Powhatan territory? 4) Dr. Covart asks “But how do historians know what they know about Jamestown?“ This is a bigger epistemological question that historians frequently ask themselves. Specifically here, Dr. Covart asks, “What are historical sources, and how did they inform our knowledge about the past?” Summarize Dr. Horn’s answer. 5) Dr. Horn says “we [Historians] are always finding” sources. Where have sources relevant to Jamestown been found? What other sources can you imagine Historians are still finding? 6) Dr. Covart asks: “Do Historians use any guidelines to determine whether a historical source is credible or authentic”? What does she mean by credible or authentic? 7) Who was Pocahontas? 8) What do the native artifacts that the Jamestown archaeologists have unearthed tell us about the world Pocahontas lived in? Cite some examples. 9) What does Dr. Horn say about how artifacts archaeologists have found confirm or challenge what written sources have said about Pocahontas and her fellow Native Americans? 10) Are oral traditions historical sources? What might be some challenges in using oral traditions to tell history? 11) What is “material culture”? And why is it important for the Jamestown story? How else might historians use material culture to tell history?

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[SOLVED] Historic Source
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