[SOLVED] Natural Selection

This assignment is anthropology driven, specifically on the concept of natural selection. Natural selection is the process whereby organisms better adapted to their environment tend to survive and produce more offspring. This theory was fully brought about by Charles Darwin and it is the main process that brings about evolution. You must look more into natural selection, and organisms that have gone through that process due to their environment… Once you understand natural selection, you must answer the following prompt question in your own words, formally. Make sure you follow every aspect of the prompt. !!PROMPT —!! As mentioned, natural selection leads to an adaptation to an environment. For this assignment, I would like each of you to Google around and provide me an example of a documented adaptation. It doesn’t have to be a long treatise, but provide me with: the organism, the trait, and the explanation for it. Try to be creative. Think about your favorite animal or organism and the traits they possess. ——!! You must take the concept of natural selection and then think about an organism, the trait they possess due to its environment …. and then explain how/why/when …. go into detail. For an example, it is like how an animal adapted to their surroundings over the years due to circumstance .. bunnies over the years, it became more common for them to have brown hair in the summer and white because of the winter… or such as Darwin’s fitches and their beak size… GET CREATIVE WITH THIS! Must be original and explained. Do not cite from anywhere. It should all be your own words, comprehension, and written scholarly demonstrating understanding of anthropology’s natural selection. This should be 420-450 words. Perhaps start off with the meaning behind natural selection.. and then carry on answering all aspects of the prompt creatively – it can’t be made up though – has to be a real organism, trait, and has to make sense.

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[SOLVED] Natural Selection
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