[SOLVED] Science Fiction and Literature

Looking for assistance with these 4 questions – Must be 275-350 words. Both of the articles mentioned some kind of ruptures created by literature critics. To support his argument, Delany retells the history behind these ruptures methodically. Why does Delany believe that the ruptures are related to history telling? Delany talks about locating the play in the interpretive space in “Science Fiction and ‘Literature’”, and uses William Shakespeare’s Cymbeline, Roger Zelazny’s This Immortal, and Issac Asimov’s “Foundation” stories as examples. Have you ever encountered similar “play” with the interpretive space in works/texts?  In the science fiction genre, some scholars strictly define science and divide SF into “hard” and “soft” science fiction by the discipline of science in the fiction. Yet, there are also scholars who treat science fiction and fantasy as one genre. After reading Delany’s articles, how do you think he defines science fiction? What is his definition of “science” in science fiction? In What is World Literature?, Damrosch mostly focuses on texts that are canonically considered as “literature”. After reading Delany’s articles, do you think Damrosch and Delany’s concept of literature intersect? Why?

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[SOLVED] Science Fiction and Literature
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