[SOLVED] Zapata and Agrarianism

Submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Zapata and Agrarianism. During the time of Zapata, the economic system was entirely a feudal system (Womack 26). This included large estates referred to as haciendas. Through the dictatorship of Diaz, independent communities were forced into debt slavery. During the 1910 revolution, Diaz was being threatened by many peasants as well as Zapata and Madero who aimed at achieving sustainable land reforms. As a result of corroboration between Zapata and Madero, their army captured Cuautia after fighting for six days leading to overthrew of Diaz in 1911.Zapata found himself under the leadership of Porfirio Diaz who was a dictator and thus in the early days Zapata participated in political movements against Diaz. Zapata started a revolution in 1910 as a central leader of peasants and this lead to the fall of Diaz but after the revolution, Francisco became the president and thus liberation army of the south being denounced. The political state of Mexico during the era of Zapata was not strong due to the inequality in land ownership as well as the dictatorial government system that was adopted by Diaz. Diaz who rose to power in 1876 used a feudal system of the government. Diaz used his close allies and controlled much of the land by squeezing the independent communities and subjecting them to slavery. Due to the peasants being mistreated by Diaz, the economic state of the country was pathetic and slavery was the order of the day. Socially, the country used the chief elders who used to fight for the land reforms, since the community depended on agriculture for economic stability they valued land a lot and thus why Zapata campaigned for the rights of villagers to be issued with title deeds. The role of the peasants was to cultivate the lands and make them more productive.Zapata was fighting poor leadership under President Diaz. The poor leadership according to Zapata and Francisco Madero was the source of land problems in Mexico. Zapata was fighting for the land reforms.

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[SOLVED] Zapata and Agrarianism
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