[SOLVED] Beowulf Graphic Novel

From the scene I need to write a two page descriptive essay to describe the scene in detail. The essay needs to be a description of the scene This is the scene I choose.  The second major scene in Beowulf appears in book two of the three book graphic novel. After Grendel’s arm was brutally torn off by Beowulf he proceeded to run back to his under-water lair. After a while later Grendel died as a result to this injury. Grendels’ death caused his mother to become furious and looking for revenge. Grendels mother broke into Herot and killed on of the soldiers that was sleeping there that night. After Beowulf recieved this news he decided to take action and track down this beast himself. He, soldiers and King Hrothgar traveled to the swampy piece of land known as Grendels home. Beowulf jumped into the serpant-infested waters, unknowing of how deep it was. Grendels mother saw Beowulf coming, grabbed him while swimming and pulled him into the lair. At this time Beowulf and Grendels mother started fighting. Beowulf tried to slash her in the head with his sword; this action only results in the severly dented sword. After much more kicking, punching, and brutal fighting, Beowulf finally ended the fight by slicing off her head.

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[SOLVED] Beowulf Graphic Novel
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