[SOLVED] Data Management Strategy

PROMPT: A friend is working for a large, conservative, global corporation that manufactures consumer electronics and appliances for the home. He thinks that they could really benefit from using new information systems and technology, to allow sales executives to gather information on users that will help them to sell more, to permit knowledge workers and managers to address product quality problems, and to allow managers to plan the business better. Advise him what he should consider, when making his case to the company managers; What sort of information systems to recommend What the benefits of using these are likely to be What they should consider when planning to acquire these new information systems Prepare a paper discussing these issues, and recommending systems to accomplish the goals above. Consider some of the main change issues and problems that need to be planned for, and what pitfalls he needs to avoid. Aim your paper at a person understands IT basics but is not particularly technical. Use evidence, in the form of examples from discussions, readings QUESTIONS THAT MUST BE ANSWERED Explain what should be done and what elements of the firm’s situation lead you to recommend this action? Provide example(s) of similar situations from your research and readings, to justify recommendations o Explain why this should be done – what are the consequences of doing or not doing this for the business? o Explain how this should be done – what are the detailed activities or issues that need to be considered, with examples of how these should be performed or considered, with example(s) o What general “lessons learned” should the reader take away from all this, to apply to other situations? (This is the “so what” question – why is this important? This paper must revolve around data management strategies and provide real life examples of well-known databases and their possible use for the friend in the prompt.

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[SOLVED] Data Management Strategy
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