[SOLVED] Family Planning

There are several questions you need to answer for this discussion about online resources for women and families. Be sure to answer all of the questions. Many women and their families are now turning to websites and online resources for information and support for family planning (e.g., http://www.plannedparenthood.org (Links to an external site.); http://latinainstitute.org (Links to an external site.)). Such websites can provide a wide array of information on birth control, emergency contraception, abortion, and pregnancy – including information on health, safety, and social support – through blogs, online chat sessions and other postings. Using specific professional (and personal if applicable) examples to support your responses, please answer the following questions: What is your opinion about women and their families using online sources for information and support for family planning?  Discuss at least one benefit and one drawback of seeking information online for family planning.  How can online sources be useful for ONE of the following groups: single women, fathers, married couples, family members, low-income women, teens, same-sex couples, health providers or clinics? How can online sources not be useful for the population group you selected for question #3? Does the current public health, health communications, or medical literature support or refute your opinion? (Choose at least 1 scholarly article* to use as a reference in your response. Make a scientific argument do not just state your opinion).

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[SOLVED] Family Planning
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