[SOLVED] Google Project

If you could pitch your own project to Google to be implemented or partnered or financially supported, what would it be and why?For your POST, I want you to present a problem or an area of improvement that needs to be addressed or an opportunity that is being ignored or a medical, social, ecological, psychological, physical area that needs to be addressed.Does that seem impossibly huge? Yes it does to me too. Well, you will have to narrow it down. The following WILL NOT WORK:People of the world should not have to go hungry.It is clearly a problem, but it is so huge, that no real, single, focused, practical solution has ever been achieved. Here’s the same problem area, but it’s much more focused:Kids in my local elementary school often go hungry in summer when they have no access to the school lunch program, and I’ve always wanted to volunteer with a very basic food truck that provides free meals at various youth gathering spots. Unfortunately, there are so many regulations that govern charities that the task seems impossible and dispiriting.By the way, one of my wife’s friends is currently trying to address this exact problem. One of the things she is looking for is an umbrella corporation (no, not the one in Resident Evil that can provide the support needed for individuals to satisfy all of the government regulations involved. This sort of thing could be a Google Project.NOTE how this is much more local, smaller, possibly do-able. If the project relates to a problem you have experienced, explain that. And it does not have to be a huge/serious problem. It can be as simple as “I’ve always hated looking at those electrical boxes on the sidewalk that control traffic lights.” Well, dress them up! By the way, they have done just this in parts of Salt Lake City, Utah.You are welcome to put up your own specific solution idea(s), but what you are really hoping for is tons of very concrete, practical, creative solutions from your classmates. In essence, the class is creating and fine-tuning each project.

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[SOLVED] Google Project
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