[SOLVED] Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory

Write a one page synopsis/summary paper on Howard Gardner’s Educational Theory of “multiple Intelligences”. You will need to search for a very informative educational article that will also give you good information about the theory that you chose, so you will have at least 2 resources to list at the end of your paper. You will attach an active hyperlink at the end of your paper on your works cited page that connects to the additional article/website that your use for your paper. When writing your paper, your title will be the name of the person and their theory. Include the following in your paper: 1. Details about the theory you chose, what it consists of, what it is primarily about, describe it  (Example: Piaget’s theory is about cognitive development which explains how children think, understand, and learn.) 2. Describe how it is related to teaching and learning. (Example: After learning Piaget’s stages of intellectual development, a teacher will know what to respond to and match their caregiving and teaching to what stage the child is in.) ****Explain and be specific with your information. This is not a paper about the person like in week 3. This is more about the theory the person developed. Be sure to reread and proof your summary. Do a spelling/grammar check.

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[SOLVED] Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory
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