[SOLVED] Occupation Health and Safety

PLEASE FOCUS ON THE UNDERLINED PARTS OF THE QUESTION!! STRAIGH TO THE POINT ANSWER THE QUESTIONS ( THIS IS NOT AN ESSAY IT IS MORE DETAILED ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS). CAN USE BULLET POINTS . THIS IS CANADIAN LAWS BTW!! PLEASE DO NOT USE USA TO RESPOND TO THESE QUESTIONS 1. In every jurisdiction in Canada, workers have the right to refuse dangerous work without fear of reprisal. Based on this law, can a firefighter refuse to go inside a burning building to save a resident who is unconscious due to high levels of carbon monoxide? In providing your answer, you need to explain the limitations on the right to refuse unsafe work and how they apply to this situation. (10 marks) 2. Workers in nursing homes regularly experience several physical and psychological health and safety issues. Incidents can involve twisting and lifting injuries, contact with viruses and bacteria, as well as stress-related illnesses from dealing with very sick and dying patients. At Restwell Manor in Northern Ontario, 80 employees work an average of 6 hours per day for 250 days a year. In the past year, the employer reported eight injuries for a total lost time of 50 days. Furthermore, there was flooding in the nursing home basement that resulted in 14 days of closure of the nursing home’s first floor. Ten residents were relocated to another facility during the closure. a. What are the injury frequency and severity rates for Restwell Manor? Write the steps of your calculation. (2 marks) b. With 6,000,000 in gross insurable earnings in 2019, estimate the premium payment for this nursing home. (2 marks) Clarify any assumptions or additional information you used for this estimation. c. To reduce injury frequency and severity rates, you, as the head of the occupational health and safety department, have been asked to train three department managers on hazard identification methods as they apply to this context. Briefly describe three methods of hazard identification you would visit. (6 marks) 3. You are the head of the Borzoi intercity bus company’s occupational health and safety committee that provides services to cities less than 350 km apart in North America. You have been asked to brief the management on job content and control as one of the workplace stressors identified by NIOSH that applies to this job. a. Using a robust framework, identify and briefly describe the job components that you think the management needs to evaluate relevant to this issue. (4 marks) b. Based on the chosen framework, and before any data collection, which aspects of the job content of a bus driver do you anticipate can be improved without sacrificing efficiency and safety? Pick two of the aspects you have identified and provide two relevant recommendations for improving that job aspect for the intercity bus drivers in this case. (6 marks)

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[SOLVED] Occupation Health and Safety
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