[SOLVED] Pollution and Echo Systems

This assignment is about Pollution and Echo Systems. These two topics are frequently discussed together when talking about Sustainability. This is because a healthy echo system is not possible when pollution is out of control. 1- Read Chapters 7 “Ecosystems and Habitat” and Chapter 8 “Pollution” Answer the first 10 Review Questions found at the end of each chapter. 2- Visit WBOC News and read the article about the Delaware Bay Oil Spill. https://search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?hspart=pty&hsimp=yhs-pty_searchbar&param2=478812e7-f272-48b9-bc8c-da55258cec06&param3=wbx_~US~AppFocus1~&param4=d-cp10640260308-cg1-lp0-obgc-wbn-bb8-ab10-w64-brwsr-ti-ntp~Chrome~WBOC%20Delaware%20Bay%20Oil%20Spill~554838a8451ac36cb977e719e9d6623c~Win10&param1=20200915&p=WBOC%20Delaware%20Bay%20Oil%20Spill&type=A1-brwsr- 3- Research and find two additional stories about pollution affecting Delmarva. Record the URL where you found the articles and its title. Next write a paragraph discussing habitat, pollution, it’s effect on habitat and sustainability. Use examples as needed. Never be wordy or boring. Always be specific and have precise explanations. I go to a very prestigious university thus have a strict grading policy. At last, upload the plagiarism report.

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[SOLVED] Pollution and Echo Systems
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