[SOLVED] Professional Nursing Paper

Section 1: (30pts) Discuss two (2) characteristics of the profession of nursing. Identify how these characteristics are incorporated or should be incorporated in the nursing role. Section 2: (30pts) Identify two (2) barriers to professionalism in nursing and at least two (2) strategies to overcome these barriers (include at least 1 resource in this section) Section 3: (30pts) Discuss two (2) of the recommendations of the Institute of Medicine regarding transforming nursing education. Why are these important Discuss the value of life-long learning and how this will impact your nursing role. This section should include your vision for yourself as a nurse in 5 years. (This is the only section that may be written in 1st) Writing: (30 pts) Paper is clearly written; ideas are logical and the paper is well organized. Grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and punctuation are correct. Paper Format: (30 pts) 7th edition APA Format (include title page, bold headings throughout, in-text citations, reference page, introduction and conclusion, and double spaced) Length- minimum of 2 pages and maximum of 4 pages (not including title and reference page). A minimum of 3 scholarly references.

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[SOLVED] Professional Nursing Paper
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