[SOLVED] Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction (2006) (Links to an external site.) I’m not looking for a summary of the film; I’m looking for a close analysis of the film. Students who just write a summary of the film in their essay will not get a good grade. Stranger Than Fiction (2006) Study Questions Please don’t try to answer these questions before you have seen the film. Answer each of the questions below with not less than three sentences. What elements of human life are fate? What elements of the film show clear fate? What does the metaphor of being a character in your own life mean? How does this give the main character an opportunity to change his life? What are the elements that seem to float around in the story only to congeal at the end in Harold’s accident? What does this imply? Is Kay an instrument of fate or is she the creator of the fate of Harold? Is her searching for the rightness of the ending her own decision or is it her attempt to find what fate wishes? How does her decision to change at the end inform this question? What are the positive actions a person can take to change their lives? What are the conditions that must pre-exist for them to do this? How does this show up in the film? Is Harold’s number fetish a syndrome or mental problem? How does his constant focus on numbers affect his life positively and negatively? How would you describe Harold’s life at the beginning of the film? Does he have a relationship? Does he have friends? Does he have hobbies? What are the events or issues the cause Harold to begin to change? Is he motivated by fear or is he motivated in a positive way or both? What is the significance of Harold getting a guitar and learning to play? How would you describe Harold at the end of the film? He chooses to die to save a boy’s life. He tries to help those around him in his last day. How is he different from the man at the beginning of the film? Please answer all these question first because I need to submit these first than I’ll tell give instructions about my essay. Please do your best, because I have a C and I need A. Thank you.

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[SOLVED] Stranger Than Fiction
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