1. How do businesses benefit by having ubiquitous access to TCP/IP network standards and its accompanying protocols, especially the higher level protocols that provide access to Internet applications, and the World Wide Web? 2. One in five Americans are smartphone-only users of the Internet (see http://www.pewinternet.org/fact-sheet/internet-broadband/). – What are the implications of this finding for business access to customers – Why do you think this is? – Is this percentage likely to get larger or smaller, in future? Why? 3. In the majority of developing countries, people access the Internet on feature phones (not even smartphones) – See https://qz.com/india/945127/internet-use-in-india-proves-desktops-are-only-for-westerners/, https://asia.nikkei.com/Economy/India-s-mobile-internet-boom-goes-supersonic2 – The same can be argued for many areas of underprivileged America. – What are the implications for business here? – What are the implications fo other areas of human services, not necessarily for-profit, such as healthcare outreach, poverty-relief, or ecological land management? 82

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