[SOLVED] Communications Studies

I just need a reply for this answer: When is it appropriate to touch a stranger and what are situations that you have been touched by a stranger and it is NOT appropriate? Considering the six types of touch, it seems that two are the most appropriate for strangers. The first being functional-professional touch. This is defined through teachers and students, or doctors and patients (164). I say this because this type of touch is only used professionally and if it were an example of a doctor and a new patient, this type would be used. Another one would be social-polite touch. This is based on social norms and expectations. It’s expressed through a handshake or a light kiss on the cheek when greeting a person (164). When you meet a new person, it’s a cultural norm to give them a handshake; therefore, this is an appropriate greeting when meeting someone new. Otherwise, it’s not really appropriate to touch strangers unless there has been a social cue conveying that it is alright to do so. From personal experience, there was a time where a guy at this club was holding on to my waist. I didn’t know him at all and my friend took me away from him. The waist was too intimate of a place to be touched. I was very uncomfortable since the guy randomly did it. He didn’t need to touch me if he wanted my attention. Chapter 9- How is technology affecting the way we handle conflict online? How should we handle conflict electronically? Although technology is great for communicating with relatives, friends, and others who are from a distance from you, there are many factors that can create conflict between parties. Someone could misread the comment, be triggered by a comment, or assume the tone—all in which contribute to creating misunderstandings. Considering these factors, one should not handle conflict online at all to avoid miscommunication. People are more susceptible to attacking online than in person. It’s also stated that since a person is unable to see or hear a person’s nonverbal reactions, they aren’t as aware to how harmful their words can be (190). It’s better to talk about the conflict in person, but if that’s not possible, a phone call is another way. If online is the only way to handle a conflict its important for the parties involved to reread the comment before responding, assume the best and prepare for the worst, seek another opinion, choose whether or not to participate, and lastly, communicating with empathy to find a compromise (190). I only need 100 words for the answer. 100 words for the whole thing.

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[SOLVED] Communications Studies
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