[SOLVED] Comparative Culture Assessment

Go to the Geert Hofstede website- https://www.hofstede-insights.com/product/compare-countries/ (and compare the cultural values of the country you selected for your project ( MEXICO) to the values of your native country ( UNITED STATES). (Copy and paste this chart into your paper.) Also watch two or more Youtube videos that result from using the search phrase “cultural values of (Mexico). Based on the Hofstede information and the Youtube videos, describe and analyze the culture of your target country ( Mexico). Then, respond to the following questions: · If you were assigned to serve a 2-year term there, what kind of adaptations would you have to make to live a “normal” life. Why? · Compare that to the challenges someone from that country would have in trying to live a “normal” life in your native country. · Who would have the most difficult time adjusting, you or that person? Why? · Would your decision to accept that assignment depend on whether you were single or partnered? What if you were partnered with children? · What specific training, support, and incentives would you need from your employer to be confident of successfully completing a 2-year assignment? 3-4 pages double-spaced. Spelling and grammar will be factored into the grading (@20%) but your research, organization, and analysis are primary.

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[SOLVED] Comparative Culture Assessment
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