[SOLVED] Deontology Ethics

Present your reasons why a resolution is better or not going more by intentions (Deontology/Kant). Select one of the following topics: Abortion (either the parents or the fetus), Capital Punishment, Education, Employment, Environmental, Euthanasia, Health Insurance, Marriage, Privacy, Racism, Torture, War Offer examples that will help illustrate your descriptions.Use a site that offers points about Logic (e.g., The Rational Wiki, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, EpistemeLinks) to help you understand the points of your argument. Construct your investigation this way: 1. A brief 2-3 sentence introduction telling the reader what you are going to do 2. The URL address of the site 3. Credibility of the site (note directly if you think the authors are or the site is credible and explain your judgement; is the article or site peer-reviewed?) 4. Your evaluation of the site and your recommendations (is it for elementary, high school or college students, adult layperson, scholars?). 5. A discussion of 200- 300 words explaining why you think the resolution could either follow Kant’s ethical program or not. Grading Standard Introduction and URL address: 5 Credibility (authors): 5 Recommendation: 5 200 – 300 words discussion of the topic: 25 Incorrect organization: -5

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[SOLVED] Deontology Ethics
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