[SOLVED] Effects of Gaming

Analyze discuss the effects of gaming on either chiVideo/computer games have been a growing part of the lives of children and adolescents in recent years. How spending this much time gaming effects children and adolescents has been the subject of much controversy. Particularly controversial is how gaming effects the developing values of young people. (Again, think of the term “values” in the broadest possible sense, meaning what young people see as valuable or important.) For the first half of the paper, you will use the research you gathered in Exercise #2 to relate what experts have said about the effects of gaming. In the first part of the essay, your own opinion on gaming isn’t relevant. You will focus on the two or three most important ideas you found in your research and develop each of these ideas in a paragraph (one idea per paragraph) with each idea being supported by at least two sources. For the second half of the essay, focus on analyzing your current or former favorite game (or at least one you enjoy playing now or have enjoyed at some time in the past). What values are being promoted by the game? In thinking of this, consider what you must do to succeed in the game or win the game. Pick what you believe are the two or three values most significantly promoted by the game. Are the values promoted by the game positive or negative, and how do those values related to the ideas you discussed from your research? Does your analysis of the game support the ideas found in your research? Or does it contradict those ideas? Either answer is okay. An alternative: If you do not play any computer games, you may substitute either another type of game (board game, card game) or other recreationally activity that you have participated in for the second half of the essay. How do the values of your chosen activity compare/contrast with those of gaming? Audience: Parents of either children or adolescents who are concerned about the amount of time their children are spending on gaming. Your purpose will be to confirm these parents’ fears by arguing that gaming (or at least your particular game) promote negative values that should concern parents or to ease those worries by demonstrating that gaming (or at least your particular game) promotes positive values that parents would like their children to develop or a combination of the two. Specific Requirements Your essay should: Analyze discuss the effects of gaming on either children or adolescents; Develop a clear and compelling thesis, which shows the relationship between your research and your analysis; Cite at least 3 sources correctly using appropriate citation style and a Works Cited page; Be 4-5 pages in length (double-spaced, one-inch margins, 12 point Times New Roman);

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[SOLVED] Effects of Gaming
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