[SOLVED] Eminem’s Effect on the Rap Genre

Eminem’s Effect on the Rap Genre. The work is to be 9 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The biography and in one of his songs, Eminem holds that her mother was faulty in taking prescriptions which made her addicted to them that she could not secure a job. Eminem accessed her of psychical and emotional abuse while he was young. Her mother, however, denied those claims and filed a charge against her son for defamation. She demanded 10 million dollars as compensation from her son but the case was settled with $25,000. Eminem views her childhood as the roughest time he had to endure so many hurdles in life.The traveling nature of his life and Changing of school would later affect his life and his character. Lack of a stable environment means that he would not establish any friendship in his neighborhood as they would move before that could happen. He had no friends and was always alone at home and in school. Coming from a broken family, he had low self-esteem and would get beaten in school by the other kids. His performance in school was very poor and he always failed his exams. While in Lincoln High School in Warren, Michigan, he attempted to sit for the ninth grade exam where he failed three times until he gave up. As only a teenager, Eminem had developed a liking for the language ad even if he was not good at schoolwork, he was good at English and he had a large stock of words in his vocabulary.Eminem was full of anger at the time he dropped school at 17 years of age only and would take to the streets where boys would compete to insult each other through hip hop rap. He viewed hip-hop as a very aggressive genre and it helped hi purge the anger he had because of his father’s abandonment and his mother’s mistreatment and also because of the maltreatment he had received from his peers in school. The English language proficiency he had mastered came in very handy as it enabled him to write good lyrics which helped him win the street competition. He was highly associated with the N.W.A. which was a crew of gangster rappers.

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[SOLVED] Eminem’s Effect on the Rap Genre
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