[SOLVED] Everything Asian

Questions for Everything Asian Answer each question with complete sentences.  Add quotations from the novel to support your answers.  Remember to cite the author’s last name and page number after each quote.  Also, add your explanation after each quotation. The author, Sung J. Woo, uses humor to capture the reader’s attention. Describe at least two humorous scenarios from the novel.  (10 points) Describe at least two challenges the Kim family encounters while learning to adjust to American culture. How do they interact with non-Korean people? (10 points) In the novel, each family has a secret or secrets. The theme of Family Secrets is represented in Everything Asian.  Describe at least two family secrets from the novel. (10 points) Compare and contrast two characters from the novel. Provide at least two similarities and two differences.  Please do not state the obvious (e.g. They are Asian/Korean American.). (10 points) Besides human vs. human conflict, describe how the following conflicts are represented in the novel: human vs. society and human vs. inanimate object. (7 points) Is the ending of the novel open or closed? Explain.  (3 points)

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[SOLVED] Everything Asian
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