[SOLVED] Female Genital Cutting

Research report question: Focussing on ONE country or region in the global South, critically examine the issue of Female Genital Cutting, including the efforts to abolish it and why it is still practiced in some communities. Provide recommendations for how development interventions might effectively address/abolish the issue. Chosse ONE country or region from the global south with a decent amount of information on the topic!! Explain what female genital cutting is (definition) find a good reference.  I’ve attached some references that may be of use but more will be needed. Format of report: -Use third person. “This report will…” “The report” – Title Page: Title of report, name, topic, due date – Executive summary or abstract: (10% of word count) This is a short summary of the topic, key issues, as well as your findings, conclusions and recommendations. This should be written last after you have written every other section.  -Introduction: (5-10% of word count). The introduction is about setting the scene and explaining what the problem is and why it is necessary to write this report. This section does not need to foreshadow the main arguments of discussion. – Background/context (20-25% of word count) Background/context of the issue. Consider any relevant social, political, historical and/or economic context and circumstances.  -Findings and discussion (50% of word count). This section includes the presentation of findings, evidence to support findings, and critical analysis of findings and how the finding relates to the research issue/research questions. This section may be structured in a number of ways. It may be the case that the question will determine the best way to structure this section and what headings to use. – Conclusions and recommendations (10-15% of word count) : Formulate recommendations for future projects, programs and/or policies based on the findings and your conclusions. The recommendations can be using your own critical thinking/opinions about the tropic. Conclusion: Outline the conclusions on the topic/issue through a summary of the findings and gaps (ie: what is missing/neglected) on the issue on your findings.

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[SOLVED] Female Genital Cutting
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