[SOLVED] Forms of Education

Essay: Forms of Education In her essay A Family Hits the Road (NYTimes, August 2014) Jessica Lehrman describes her childhood experience of life on the road with her unusual family, which eventually becomes a life-changer for her and for her sister. They did not go to school but were home-schooled and engaged in learning and “self-directed education.” Explain what it means and how that worked for the Lehrmans. At this very moment, we are going through an unprecedented period of Corona Virus Pandemic, and all schools and universities are closed for traditional classes and converted to online instruction. Please include this present moment in your essay and talk about the experimental system we have to engage in this emergency situation. Describe, discuss, be specific, ask your questions. Connect it to your other thoughts about learning and education: What forms of education do you believe in and why, besides traditional schooling? Is self-education valuable? What forms of it? You can use Jessica Lehrman’s writing as a model (what is her essay like? how is it done?) and you can discuss your present educational experience or past travel in this light (life abroad and different types of schools). You MUST include the following: -The discussion of types of education and learning and your argument for one of them, with analysis and detailed examples; -The article A Family Hits the Road, as examples, documentation or evidence for your ideas. Keep in mind that your reader has never read it, so summarize the relevant information. Quote at least once (we will learn how to use MLA reference style in subsequent drafts) Let’s begin working on this essay, which we will do in several drafts—and possibly in several parts. The first draft is your first attempt and will not be perfect. You will get some feedback—and you will introduce changes/revise. Your essay may begin with a thesis in the Introduction, which will be developed in the body paragraphs (2-3 pages of them), but if you use a different format, it is fine, as long as you keep it logic and well-developed. You must use Microsoft Word, double-spaced. I hope you know all other academic conventions: standard margins, 12” font, paragraphing. You must proofread and edit your draft before submitting it. Just a head up I mostly need help with adding info to the Lehrman part

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[SOLVED] Forms of Education
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