[SOLVED] Herd Animals

Answer both questions. Write your answers in a space below the questions using single spacing and 10- or 11-point font. Aim for approximately 1/3-1/2 page of text for each question, thus making your complete quiz approximately one page in length. 1. Herd animals are the basis of the economy in pastoral societies, yet they are much more than that. How does the economic importance of herd animals shape the structure of other cultural institutions among pastoral peoples? Your answer should consider two institutions, two cultures, and refer to pertinent materials from the course thus far (readings, films, etc.). 2. What is the basis of individual leadership in most horticultural tribal societies? Your answer should address this from political, environmental, and social considerations and also refer to pertinent things from the course thus far (readings, films, etc.) to support your argument. Can we understand why some cultures transitioned from hunting-gathering (bands) to sedentary horticultural lifestyle? Elaborate on one way that it has been explained by prehistorians using social-psychology.

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[SOLVED] Herd Animals
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