[SOLVED] History and Analysis of Beijing

Submit a 2500 words paper on the topic History and Analysis of city. Located at north latitude of 39 degrees 56’ and east longtitude of 116 degrees 20’, Beijing grandly reposing along the north most part of the north China plain. along with the northwest is the Shanxi province and inner Mongolian plain, and from the east is the Bohai sea. Among the neighborhood provinces are the Hebei province and Tianjin to the southeast. Beijing as being considered as one of the three mega cities of China under the direct jurisdiction of the central government is divided into 10 districts and 8 respective counties. The people of Beijing are enjoying the moderate continental climate. 600 to 700 millimeters is the average rainfall Beijing receives yearly and much of it falls in late June, July, and August. Spring is dry and dusty and the best season being considered in Beijing, as well as in the whole of China is the autumn. Beijing serves as the political and cultural center of the modern China. It was the considered as the capital of many dynasties during the past, ancient times. Everything in this place picturesque the aura of the past history, battles, origins and the sensations present in this place will lead encourage anyone to feel the deep respect for the city that holds stories dated back to its origin. Taihang Mountains Beijing claimed to be a gulf by the historians and geologist two to three million years ago. The geographical distribution of Beijing is very significant to be called “Beijing Gulf”. Beijing is enclosed by Taihang Mountains located at the west and Yanshan to the north, to the east is the Bohai Bay and in front of the Hebei plain to the south. According to geologist and historians, the melting of ice and snow during spring carried enormous amount of mud from the mountains to the gulf. This was transformed to be alluvial plain and is now known to be Beijing. Mountains that surround Beijing serves as the protection cover from the northern strong winds. From the east part blew the wet air, huge plain stretched far to the southland and wide lengthy rivers and streams are some of the features that this place is made suitable environment for human to live and settle down. Inhabitants of this place are also blessed with temperate climate and plentiful rainfall that suits to agricultural activities. History of Beijing Peking Man Anthropologist’s claim that evidences shows manifestations that more than half a million years ago, in the southwest suburbs lived a Peking man. Climate condition during that time was warmer and compared to the present climate of Beijing. Relics of the Peking man was found as well as the stone tools, how the fire was used up to the tools being used way back 18000 ago. It is considered as the earliest cultural relics China have recorded in the history. The true significance of the city’s origin, tracing back 2,000 years ago, started in the period of the Western Zou Dynasty dated 11th century BC to 771 BC. The feudal lords during this time were given by the emperor plots of land in which one of the plot given was called “Ji City”. This is considered as the first city in Beijing history. During the Eastern Zhou Period dated 476 BC to 221 BC, the Ji kingdom was abolished and replace by “Yan Kingdom” but JI remains as the capital during that time. When china was unified by Emperor Qin Shi Huang, Beijing has been considered as a strategic place in China’s northern part.

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[SOLVED] History and Analysis of Beijing
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