[SOLVED] Language Endangerment

Here are some more general guidelines for the paper:1. Length – About 6 pages, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1-inch margins. Longer is ok, if it makes sense for the paper to be longer. Shorter is not okay for the purposes of this class, because this is a writing-intensive class. Your bibliography is not counted in length.2. The following sections should be included.a. Introduction. You should write a 1-2 paragraph introduction in which you explain what the topic is, and what the issue is that you are investigating. Don’t assume we (the readers of your paper) know anything about the background of this project. You need to write this for a general audience. Make sure to include a thesis statement in this intro.Hypothetical Thesis statement: I will endeavor to prove that the following methods have been effective at limiting language loss among native Hawaiian speakers.b. Body. This should be the majority of your paper, here you should lay out all evidence that supports your thesis statement in an organized manner. Make sure to follow all formatting guidelines. Include your analysis here, are there any gaps in the research? Are there any interesting threads that lack enough evidence to be sufficiently supported? Is there any research that seems to directly contradict your thesis statement? Mention them.c. Conclusion. You should wrap up the paper here, summarizing what you found, and telling us any final thoughts. This should be a paragraph or two at most.Note: these are formatting suggestions, do not actually split up your paper and label the sections with different headers.Writing quality. The paper should be well written with no grammatical errors. Make sure you have good paragraph structure, which means each paragraph is between 3 and 7 sentences long, and each paragraph has a topic statement. Also, paragraphs are supposed to have internal structure: topic statement, explanation, and then wrap-up sentence that leads into the next paragraph. Make sure to use language that is appropriate to an academic paper – no informal writing.Citations: When you do background research for your project, you need to include citations, including in-text citations and a full bibliography. You may use whatever standard citation style you like (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.), but make sure you are consistent throughout the paper. Because linguistic research papers usually use the APA style, if you do not have any preferred citation style, we recommend you to use the APA style.Plagiarism: all words must be your own. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, and it is your responsibility to avoid plagiarism. This means not to copy and paste, and to cite references appropriately. If you are unclear on how to do that, please contact us before you submit your paper.The topic of my paper is ways to prevent language endangermentso the thesis needs to be based on ways to prevent is, the thesis is a big part of this paper.

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[SOLVED] Language Endangerment
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